Term Life

"Sana laging may mag-aalaga sa’yo.”

Being prepared is one of the best defenses you can have to guard against uncertainties in life. It's only natural that you want safety and security for you and your family.

Our Protection plans offer excellent protection for you and your family against the possibility of financial loss caused by life-threatening emergencies. We specifically designed them to meet your unique financial needs and situation.

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Our Term Life Plans

“Sana laging protektado ang pamilya ko kahit anong mangyari sa akin.”

We know how important securing your family’s future is to you. However, unforeseen events such as life-threatening health problems, disability, and untimely death may happen and put your family’s dreams at risk.

Buti na lang may LifeSave, panatag ka na may makakatulong sa iyong pamilya sa panahon ng pangangailangan.

Philam Life's LifeSave is a 10-year comprehensive protection plan that covers you against:

  • Critical Illness (including Total and Permanent Disablement)*
    LifeSave advances the payment of the entire amount of coverage in case you are diagnosed with any of the 34 identified critical illnesses, which can be used to pay for any treatment costs. You can focus your attention on getting well rather than on worrying how to pay for your bills.

  • Terminal Illness*
    LifeSave advances the payment of the entire amount of coverage in case you are diagnosed with a Terminal Illness.

  • Loss of Life

    In case of untimely death, your loved ones will receive the entire amount of coverage which they can use to pay for their daily household expenses, your children’s education, or any outstanding debts so they can continue to live the life you dream for them.

    Plus LifeSave also has a cash back feature (No Claim Benefit) that guarantees return of 50% of the total payment made after 10 years if there are no claims for any of the above benefits.

    You can also choose among LifeSave’s three variants:
    • LifeSave Platinum – provides you the most comprehensive coverage as it gives additional cash benefits upon hospitalization and accidental death, disability, or dismemberment on top of the basic plan benefits.
    • LifeSave Gold – gives you additional benefits upon accidental death, disability, or dismemberment to supplement your basic coverage
    • LifeSave Silver – allows you to choose any of the available optional accident and hospitalization benefits to be added to the benefits of your base plan.

With LifeSave, now you can get comprehensive life protection, health coverage plus cash back benefit for your and your family's peace of mind.

* The policy will terminate once this benefit is availed.

We enhance your protection and security with our add-on benefits.

For a better insurance protection coverage, you may opt to add these benefits to your basic LifeSave Silver Variant plan:

Accident and Health (A&H)
In case of death, dismemberment or total and permanent disability, Accident and Health (A&H) Benefit provides you with additional protection coverage. You also have an option to add Medical Reimbursement and Weekly Income benefits on top of your plan.

Accidental Death Benefit (ADB)
If the cause of death is due to accident, Accidental Death Benefit (ADB) provides your family an additional amount on top of the deceased's basic plan.

Mediguard provides daily hospital income and additional benefits (optional) for long term hospitalization, intensive care unit confinement, and surgery.

For you to understand our products better, below is a sample Timeline Illustration of Benefits for LifeSave.

Illustration of Benefits - LifeSave

Below are Frequently-Asked-Questions (FAQs) about LifeSave that we have compiled for your reference.

Q: How much is the maximum limit for the amount of insurance coverage that can be applied for LifeSave?
A: All the critical illness plans and riders that an individual has with Philam Life should fall within the current maximum coordination of benefit limit of P25 million. For example, if he already has an existing Philam Life critical illness plan such as Cancer Life Shield or Lifeline worth P2 million, the maximum insurance coverage for LifeSave that he can apply for is P23 million.

Q: If I was diagnosed with a critical illness 1 month after the policy’s effective date, can I already get the critical illness benefit from LifeSave?
A: No, the critical illness benefit shall only be payable if the individual is diagnosed with a covered critical illness 180 days after the policy’s effective date.

Q: Can I remove the supplementary benefits in LifeSave Platinum?
A: No, you cannot remove the supplementary benefits included in LifeSave Platinum as well as LifeSave Gold. LifeSave Platinum provides the most comprehensive coverage among the LifeSave variants since it also has hospitalization as well as accident benefits.

Q: If I got hospitalized due to an accident and claimed for the hospital income benefit, can I still receive the No Claim Benefit after 10 years?
A: As long as you haven’t claimed for the critical illness, terminal illness, or death benefits of the plan, you can still receive the No Claim Benefit after 10 years.

Q: If I already claimed for the critical illness benefit of my LifeSave policy on the 3rd year, do I still have a life insurance coverage?
A: No, your LifeSave policy shall terminate once you claimed the critical illness benefit because Philam Life has already paid your life insurance coverage in advance.