"Sana sa kahit anong sakit, protektado ako at ang mga mahal ko sa buhay."

Recovering from a critical illness can be extremely expensive. Today’s medical advancements can help extend the lives of the people dear to us but the costs involved can be overwhelming - especially if recovery entails surgeries, ICU confinements and long-term hospitalization.

With our Health plans, providing for medical expenses will be the last thing you need to worry about.

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Our Health Plans

We ensure your well-being for life.

You always want to be protected from the continuously rising costs of healthcare and loss of income due to accidents and sickness, especially during your prime years. Get the country's first health insurance product that provides you lifetime health protection with Philam Life's Health 100.

Lifetime Comprehensive Protection
  • You can protect your health and well-being with the following*:
    • Daily Hospital Income Benefit: Get daily cash benefit for each day of hospitalization to replace your lost income due to confinement.
    • Long-Term Hospitalization Benefit: Receive an additional daily cash benefit for hospital stays over 30 days.
    • Intensive Care Unit Benefit: Receive an additional daily cash benefit for ICU confinement.
    • Surgical Allowance Benefit: Reimburse your actual charges** for any operation performed during confinement.
    • Critical Illness Hospitalization Benefit: Receive an additional daily cash benefit if hospitalized due to Cancer***, Poliomyelitis, Muscular Dystrophy, Multiple Sclerosis, and Cirrhosis of the Liver.
    • Outpatient Treatment Benefit: Receive a daily cash benefit for up to three (3) consultations, before or after your hospital stay.
  • You will also receive cash when you reach the age of 80 and the age of 100 to celebrate your long life and good health.

Guaranteed Affordable Health Plan
  • With its fixed premium payments, you can protect yourself from future premium increases.
  • You have the option to pay annually, semi-annually, quarterly or monthly to better suit your budget.****

Health 100 is available in 3 packages:
  • Silver (Lifetime Amount of Coverage of P1M)
  • Gold (Lifetime Amount of Coverage of P2M)
  • Platinum (Lifetime Amount of Coverage of P3M)

With Health 100, you can enjoy lifetime protection against life's uncertainties through a range of health benefits.

* These benefits are deducted from the Lifetime Amount of Coverage (LAC). The remaining LAC or premiums paid, whichever is lower, will be returned to you upon reaching the age of 100 or to your beneficiaries in case of untimely loss of life.
** Subject to the maximum surgical reimbursement limit of your chosen plan
*** Except skin cancer
**** Monthly mode available only to Auto Debit Arrangement (ADA), Auto Credit Arrangement (ACA), Post-Dated Check (PDC), and Salary Allotment (SA)

For you to understand our products better, below is a sample Timeline Illustration of Benefits for Health 100.

Illustration of Benefits - Health 100


Below are common Frequently-Asked-Questions (FAQs) about Health 100 that we have compiled for your reference.

Q: Who can avail of Health 100?
A: Health 100 can be issued to clients who are age 5 to 55.

Q: How long should I pay for a Health 100 plan?
A: The paying period for Health 100 is 20 years. You can also shorten this through enrollment in Philam Life’s Premium Deposit Facility. You also have the option to pay monthly, quarterly, semi-annually, or annually so you can manage your budget.

Q: Until when can I enjoy the benefits of Health 100?
A: You can enjoy the benefits of Health 100 until you reach age 100 or until the Lifetime Amount of Coverage (LAC) is depleted.

Q: What is Lifetime Amount of Coverage (LAC)?
A: Lifetime Amount of Coverage (LAC) serves as your health fund from which all the benefits that you avail from your Health 100 plan is deducted. For example, if you have a Health 100 Platinum plan with daily hospital income (DHI) amount of P3,000, and you were hospitalized for 10 days, you can then claim P30,000 from your policy. This will be deducted from the P3,000,000 LAC of your Health 100 policy, so the remaining LAC after you claim is P2,970,000.

Q: If I already have existing hospital income benefit plans or riders from Philam Life like Mediguard, Medisave, or 20-Year Hospital Income Benefit, which Health 100 variant can I still avail?
A: The first Health 100 application with daily hospital income (DHI) equal to P1,000 (Health 100 Silver plan) is not subject to coordination of benefits with your other DHI plans.

The Health 100 application with DHI amount exceeding P1,000 (Health 100 Gold and Health 100 Platinum plans) shall be subject to the maximum daily hospital income (DHI) benefit limit per life, which is currently at P4,500. For example, you already have a Mediguard plan with P1,000 DHI and a Vanguard 100 plan with 20 HIB rider of P1,500, then the maximum DHI amount you can apply for is P2,000 (Health 100 Gold Plan).

Q: Can I apply for a Health 100 plan with Lifetime Amount of Coverage (LAC) other than Silver, Gold or Platinum plans?
A: No, you are only limited to choose from the 3 Health 100 variants. If you feel that you need more coverage, you can apply for more than one (1) policy as long as you sign the Acknowledgement of Understanding on Submission of Multiple Policies and the DHI amount of the Health 100 plan you are applying for is within the maximum coordinated benefit limit for DHI per life.

Q: Do I need to show proof that I used the cash benefit that I got from Philam Life for my hospital expenses?
A: No, you have the choice to use the cash benefit you received from Philam Life in any way you want, not necessarily for hospital expenses. You can use it to pay for your utilities, rent, and other living expenses.