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Investing your money is a smart move. It's something you do today, to plan for your future financial needs.

We understand how important it is to have the financial resources that will allow you and your family to live the kind of life you deserve. That's why we have designed a line of investment plans that will help you achieve your goals. Our investment plans offer you smart solutions to address your budget, your needs, and ultimately, your goals at different life stages.

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We can lock-in your investment at its highest peak.

Philam Life’s Prime Yield is a breakthrough investment product that locks-in the highest value of your investment regardless of market conditions and provides guaranteed life insurance coverage. Now, investing is not only for the fearless.

Maximized Investment Yields
  • You can lock-in the highest value of your investment with Prime Yield’s High-Water Mark* feature.
  • You get access to global investment opportunities usually available to large investors only.
  • You are assured that your money will be managed by professional and reputable global asset managers.

Guaranteed Life Protection
  • You can protect yourself from the unexpected with its flexible life insurance coverage of at least 500% of your regular annual premium.
  • You will also get accident & health coverage of at least 500% of your regular annual premium.

With Prime Yield, you will enjoy the highest value of your investment regardless of market fluctuations.

* The highest peak in Net Asset Value Per Unit (NAVPU) that an investment fund has reached.

We enhance your protection and security with our add-on benefits.

For a better insurance protection coverage, you may opt to add these benefits to your basic Prime Yield plan:

Accident and Health (A&H)

In case of death, dismemberment or total and permanent disability, Accident and Health (A&H) Benefit provides you with additional protection coverage. You also have an option to add Medical Reimbursement and Weekly Income benefits on top of your plan.

Accidental Death Benefit (ADB)

If the cause of death is due to accident, Accidental Death Benefit (ADB) provides your family an additional amount on top of the deceased's basic plan.

For you to understand our products better, below is a sample Timeline Illustration of Benefits for Prime Yield.

Illustration of Benefits - Prime Yield

Below are common Frequently-Asked-Questions (FAQs) about Prime Yield that we have compiled for your reference.

Q: What is Prime Yield?
A: Prime Yield is a regular-pay, dollar-denominated variable life insurance product that protects your hard-earned money by locking-in the best performance of your investment (regardless of market fluctuations) at maturity while providing guaranteed life insurance coverage. Your investment will mature at a predefined date in the future based on the investment fund.

Q: How will my investment be protected?
A: The core of Prime Yield is its High-Water Mark (HWM) feature. This feature locks in the highest Net Asset Value per Unit (NAVPU) achieved by the fund at maturity. Put simply, you lock in the peak of your investment period.

Q: How much return can I expect from this investment?
A: Your earnings will depend on the performance of the HWM fund. Our professional investments team in coordination with our partner bank and asset managers will work to maximize your potential investment earnings over the life of HWM Fund. At the maturity of the fund, you shall receive the highest NAVPU achieved over the fund’s life.