Philam Paaralan

Silid-Aralan at Karunungan para sa Bayan

The Philam Paaralan Program is our flagship education project in four phases conceptualized in 2010. It seeks to address education needs of the Philippines and engages the Department of Education in answer to the Philippine Government’s call to greater private-public partnerships.

The Objectives of the Philam Paaralan are:

  1. To help address the deficiency of classrooms in the public school system;
  2. To promote the Power of Insurance to the people;
  3. To integrate and align Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR) in Philam Life and its member companies’ core businesses;
  4. To promote and project Philam Life and its member companies’ CSR and good corporate citizenship to the market;
  5. To raise resources for Philam Paaralan Program; and
  6. To engage the employees/agents of Philam Life and its member companies in the CSR initiatives of Philam Foundation.

This is also a means to align with our parent company, AIA Group, in its CSR thrust of Healthy Living aimed at positive and proactive prevention of illnesses and education, conducted at an early age in order to achieve lifetime benefits for the youth as well as the community they live in.

To have a better overview of the Philam Paaralan Project, the four phases are described below:

Phase 1: Construction of Class rooms;
Phase 2: Development of Financial Literacy Kit;
Phase 3: “One for Two for Good” or “One Peso for every Two Hundred Pesos in premium will be for the Philam Paaralan” - incorporating CSR into the Core Business to sustain the building of classrooms; and
Phase 4:
Gains from Insurance/Investment for Foundation’s Top Program - a system of inquiring or securing from clients who received benefits from their insurance policy/investment whether or not they are willing to donate some of their gains for the sustainability of the Philam Paaralan Program.

Run for Healthy Education

The Philam Paaralan Family Fun Run

Today, millions of children in the country’s remote and far-flung communities have no access to quality education. Schools in these areas, should there even be any, are makeshift structures that are not conducive for learning. Philam Foundation, the corporate social responsibility arm of Philam Life and affiliate companies, are committed to change this. With our Philam Paaralan program, we envision to build clean, safe, and well-furnished schools in every underserved region in the country. In fact, last June 29, 2011, we have already built eight (8) classrooms in the province of Isabela!

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Aid for Basilan Children (ABC) Fund

Sending children to school, helping bring about peace in Mindanao

The ABC Fund is a campaign to mobilize resources for the educational assistance to the children of Lamitan Basilan particularly those in the Lamitan Central Elementary School. It provides students with uniforms, books, school supplies and supplemental feeding. Other assistance such as teacher training, mentoring and a reading program have been added through the years.

In partnership with the Philippine Business for Social Progress (PBSP), a commitment to raise funds to see the 535 pupils through their elementary years under the ABC Fund has been made since year 2002. In 2007, the Philam Foundation and the PBSP reached an agreement to sustain the scholars' secondary education at the Lamitan National High School. Children’s Hour Philippines, Inc (CHPI) has also been a partner for the ABC Fund. Together with more partners, the project hopes to help bring about peace in Mindanao.


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